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Recent Jobs
Sometimes I take a day off from the hospital for another 
contract with a different company. I like to keep old clients 
active so when this contract finishes they will not have 
forgotten about me.

One recent job was a server move including cabling. The 
two guys who manage the server room were planning on 
taking a few photo's and re-cabling themselves. After a 
brief discussion they decided not.

I also took 3 days off for training in ATM repair with a 
company I worked for some years ago. They wanted me 
to upgrade and rework ATM mechanics starting last March 
but they delayed and delayed. Eventually my 3 month 
hospital contract had been extended to the point where 
I am invested in this project and can't really leave. 
(10 other people have had their contract cancelled in 
favour of me because I have a larger skillset.)

I'm welcome anytime to join the ATM team but it's a shit job. 
However, it does pay better and is within walking distance from 
home. But I'm still having fun here.

Server before moving:
[Image: v0Ld6nr.jpg]

ATM guts on test rack:
[Image: 9IaW0bn.jpg]
Was that really what that rack looked like? We had some really nasty racks around these parts, but by comparison they were extremely clean.

How doesn't anybody catch that? Even management? Ugh.

ATM guts are fun. I remember when I worked at a gas station, and on a slow night I realized the ATM was unlocked. To my dismay, this only gave me access to the display board.

I then figured out the menu sequence to get in, and the PIN which was extremely secure (1-2-3-4).

I seen "Test Dispense", and was so excited. Then, I realized that it moves the mechanism, not money.

Well, there was a menu option to change the line that a lot of places put "BUY 1 SLURPEE GET 1 FREE". I changed that line to read "GAY ASS CITY", since the gas station was a "GAS CITY" company.

The company is now defunct.
Ha, the software I was using on the test PCB had many more 
'test dispense' type functions which would have presented 
notes. I have a feeling that your test dumped the notes into 
the return bucket - still within the locked area.

Yes, that was the state of the rack. I could not get any further 
back because I was standing against the wall. You could not 
see this from the door or any place management would like 
to stand. The company had been in the same premises for 20 
or 30 years. So I guess they had many IT guys just maintain, 
modify and add to without documenting anything because 
there was no documentation to begin with. There was another 
rack which was similarly spaghetti-fied but we did not need to 
move that.
We moved into our new building three years ago, rack hasn't changed a whole lot, but looks wonderful (except the one flipped neat patch).

[Image: rak.jpg]
I love this image.

[Image: f5daee5386db00523cc7581a2cfa630c--organi...ganize.jpg]
I'd imagine in a big 'ol hospital, that would get really expensive really fast, though that's a great way to run ribbons for sure!
Too true. It's not my photo. The most simple location uses
4 cable ties. There are 900 of them. The most complicated
uses 10 and there are approximately 200 locations. Of the
rest, there's an 8 tie setup for which we received 600 new
vesa brackets. I can't guess how many we have already
deployed.That's 10000 for what I can actually calculate.
Damn... I walked passed someone working on a phone exchange box or something last week and the cables looked a bit like that first photo, though nowhere near as bad. I thought to myself I wouldn't fancy being the one to have to sort that mess out!

I love that cable management technique picture though, will need to remember that for sorting out my own cables.
Oddly enough, I've spent more time in the past week fixing broken light fixtures in the building.

My work encourages you to work largely outside of your job scope, so here I am, being building maintenance.

[Image: 62.jpg]

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