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Bug Reports
That's me after I searched up some pro computer information!

I got it from GRABOID90 THE LEET 1
Users may experience issues using the log out link, as there have been changes made to authentication and authorizations. Once your session automatically expires, logins should not be affected.

You may clear your cookies and login to force out old sessions if needed.
Sessions expire?

I left myself logged in here at work with the computer at 
the log in screen following Windows+L. I checked in on YN 
at home and this morning have not needed to login again 
to YN at work. Seems I had two sessions?
So, it works out that if you select "remember me", you get a cookie with a one-year expiry.

If you do not, you get a "0" expiry, meaning that it goes away when you close the browser (typical session cookie).

I do not care for this design, but it is what it is for now.

Old YN's sessions were mad s00per.

I also had it set initially with the /forum/ path, something that I had adjusted.
A minor server configuration issue had to be resolved that affected all of my domains and took about two hours of periodic downtime to resolve.

Ideally, you want to canonicalize your URLs by removing superfluous subdomains and duplicated protocols (e.g. drop www, redirect http to https)

In some circumstances, a user may have went to "", since only one hostname was in the certificate "", and the 301 redirect would only see port 80 requests, there was no productive way to redirect those requests to the "" domain. The solution was to include the www subdomain in the certificate (in lieu of a wildcard), and redirect within the virtual host.

Sometimes people may have received misconfiguration errors or security issues as the server was defaulting the SSL certificate presented as the last specified host name.

If any of you seen this, it would have probably presented the "" cert in place of the YN cert.

This should be fixed for all valid CNAMES that point to my sites, except one, and I'm not concerned about it.
This type of complication is one reason I looked at domain
management for a moment, and then went and watched
a movie. Reminds me of when there was a major change
in browsers - when allowances needed to be made for 4 or
5 different clients. I looked at that and decided I could not
be bothered. Took up VB6 instead. Sometimes I take the
easy route cos I'm lazy at heart.
I used to be an avid VB6 fan for the longest time, it took me from QBASIC into Windows.

The problem with VB6 was an issue of distribution, I enjoy making programs / sites / etc, but I enjoy when people use it a lot more.

With VB6, any of the programs I made never really gave me a lot of gratification since I never knew how much it was being used.

With sites, I can see posts happening and so on, so it is nice seeing products I built (or in this case, simply installed) grow into something.

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