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What's in your playlist?
Discuss music here.  

Some of my favorite genres are thrash metal, doom metal, groove metal, death metal, and "blackened" versions of any of these. 

Some of my favorite bands are Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, Megadeth, Black Sabbath (across all the vocalist eras), Mushroomhead, Coffinworm, Acid Bath, Behemoth, Bloodbath, Om, Electric Wizard, Black Label Society, Slipknot (Iowa and earlier, usually), on, so forth.

Best live show I ever saw was Mushroomhead by a longshot.

My musical tastes are relatively diverse. I've plotted out my songs by genre and years before, with my spread being Mills Brothers in 1940 up to ~2010 being the main dropoff in music. Not for any particular reason other than that I don't listen to the radio as often, and if I do I listen to Dad-Rock. Get rekt.

I've been to so many concerts that I have no interest in going to a concert again in my life. I've been to a ton of country concerts, and quite a few "rock" ones as well. The best, however, was Alice Cooper. I've seen them and Motley Crue in Iowa a few years ago, and the mix of Alice's antics, and Motley's mobile drum set were really badass.
(October 24th, 2017, 3:43 am)Toasty Wrote:  The best, however, was Alice Cooper.

Ah, so you are one of my fans?!

Imagine, how funny would it be if I was really Alice Cooper...

My musical taste varies quite a lot. I still mostly listen to a lot of the same stuff I did as a teenager. And I am actually friends with one of my top favourite bands which is pretty awesome. They are from New York and every time they come to tour the UK I go and see them and we often go out clubbing afterwards. They're obviously not massively well known but they have had a few songs on Kerrang or whatever and won Billboards Battle of the Bands some years back. They are called Patent Pending. Their music has changed quite a bit over the years but they have always been pretty great in my opinion. I think I do prefer the older stuff though.

Other regular listening, in no particular order:

Greenday (New album is good)
Sum 41 (New album is good)
Blink 182 (New album is good)
Senses Fail
Twin Atlantic (Good Scottish Band)
Bowling for Soup (Soundtrack to my teenage years and heartbreak)
Linkin Park
Aurora (Very different from my usual but still very enjoyable)
Green Day is still making music? I knew they made some stuff after the Dookie album, but that was the last one I recall listening to on a regular basis.
Have not heard any Rammstien for a long time, too long.
Since i have new neighbours as of last week, I think a weekend
of vacuuming, Rammstien and Iron Maiden is in order.
Yeah, they hadn't put anything out for years but them, Sum41 and Blink182 all put out new albums a little over a year ago. I felt like I was back in high school haha.

I tried to go and see Greenday in Glasgow on 4th of July this year. I was looking forward to it, I figured a Greenday show on American Independence day would be quite the performance. I travelled the nearly 200 miles to Glasgow, checked into my hotel, and went to meet some friends for a pre-gig drink. As I walked into the bar (ouch) I got an e-mail from the event organisers saying the show had been cancelled, 2 hours before it was due to start!!

The official reason quoted was due to bad weather. It had been raining lightly all morning but it had stopped and was starting to look dry out. Rain is to be expected in Scotland, so this didn't sit well at all. It turned out the real reason was the event organisers had fucked up and not got the stage built on time and half their crew hadn't shown up that day. For the rest of the day anywhere you went in Glasgow you could see pissed off looking Greenday fans wandering about or getting drunk.


Haha Colin, sounds like a good plan to me!
Damn, that sucks -- we had almost the same thing happen here with Journey.

And yea, all of the UK has a reputation for being rainy, so that's a terrible excuse.

At least when they cancelled our concert, there were several feet of water in the parking lots.
(November 17th, 2017, 4:41 am)Colin Fiat Wrote: Have not heard any Rammstien for a long time, too long.
Since i have new neighbours as of last week, I think a weekend
of vacuuming, Rammstien and Iron Maiden is in order.

Have you heard Mein Land?
Hmmm. Ummm. ...

I turned the music down and watched the video...

Update: have been listening to a 2CD set of Rammstein's
greatest hits. Just for laughs I set up my old home made
FM transmitter which was randomly tuned to 103fm as
the best signal output. Coincidentally, I moved to a new
suburb after I made it and can blast metal over the top
of a weak local station. I think it is Macedonian.

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