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Post your Whip!
Its the 'show everyone your vehicle' thread!

Plenty of us here drive right? Show me your ride so I can get off before bed. Also because we like cars and bikes or something?
[Image: 8.jpg]
1985 Honda VF700 Magna

I ride year round in all weather so it currently looks far worse.

If the weather REALLY goes tits up dad is nice enough to let me borrow this sometimes.
[Image: 9.jpg]
1989 Mini Mayfair (It has a goddamn sunroof!), 0-60 in 40 seconds.. or 20 seconds, 3 blown gaskets and a rod through the bonnet.
At least it has a 100W RMS sound system, if the engine noise and wind blast don't deafen you the music will.
Quote: 3 blown gaskets and a rod through the bonnet.
Holy shit, well it looks like it has been repaired since?

2012 Ram, still driving those -- just this one is a lot newer because my others were wrecked.

[Image: 10.jpg]
This picture was a cover photo, which is why it's colorized that way. Also: I put some BF K02's on there, love those tires:
[Image: 2.jpg]
Very nice. Just remember to be careful on that bike, I know you've had a couple of prangs but you don't want to end up like me!

Ahh, I learned to handbrake turn in a mini mayfair, that brings back some fun memories!

Nice looking truck Toasty. My old boss about 12 years ago had one of the stretched dodge rams, it was a beast. Very rare to see a Dodge around this part of the world. (Speaking of which, I hope Dodge joins us here...)

This is my current whip, 2016 Ford Fiesta. I love it, it is a very fun car to drive, handles like a go-kart and pretty quick too.

[Image: 11.jpg]

[Image: 12.jpg]

I didn't bother censoring the plate as when they sent it from the factory the dealer made an error on the plate! Which I got fixed after taking the pics.
Quote:Holy shit, well it looks like it has been repaired since?

Its also had the back end crumpled in by some old bird who wasn't paying attention, but that was before my time with it. Mini's were designed in the 50's, an era where cars where built to survive the apocalypse.

That Dodge looks like it could get the apocalypse stuck in its grill.

And Coopz does that thing have the ecoboost engine? Heard the block is one of the smallest ever made for its displacement?
Yeah it does, 1.0 ecoboost, tiny engine (they say it could sit on a sheet of standard A4 paper) but it also has a small turbo and makes 140bhp (comes in less power versions but I'm all about the power haha) which lets the car shift well since it's so light. Not really any slower than my old Audi 2.0 sport.
God damn... 140hp out of a 1.0 liter? That's like 70's big block performance... I know a buddy who had a 78 trans am with a 6.6 liter, that thing only put out like 200hp...

So go buy 6.6 of your engines, and you'll almost have a kW engine lmao.
Haha yeah, it's pretty impressive! Amazing what they can squeeze out of such a small engine these days.
You guys have some nice whips.  But I've got a cool one.

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Say Whip "Whip"
Now say Cool "Cool"
Now say CoolWhip "CoolQuip"

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