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TV Series
Blindspot has Season 3 has begun - yay, more to watch...
Westworld (

Production has stopped due to an injury.

S01E10 was in April 2016.

S02 might start in 2018.

I hear house of cards is cancelled, didn't get too into it anyways.

The Grand Tour (Amazon's Top Gear UK reboot) is to return December 8th.
Has anyone seen Young Sheldon? I love TBBT but i think Young Sheldon is dumb as a second coat of paint
I saw some previews then moved onto youtube where people 
hang shit on it. I feel bad for having watched what little I did. 
Reminds me of Everyone Loves Raymond - the comedy is nasty 
sarcasm and not funny at all. In this case it's a little kid telling 
everyone they are worthless and getting a pat on the head.
I won't lie, every once in a while they come up with a clever joke or gag. But I think the show ruins Sheldon's back story. The jokes on his brother and father are lessened by turning them into sympathetic characters. And there are too many nods to later events, I keep waiting for him to met Amy in passing at some point. Ugh

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