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Bit4.Me File Sharing
For those of you that don't know, I also run a file sharing site ( I'm looking for input on the site, and figured everybody here is probably the best group of people to ask.

 - There are no premium accounts, so no upload / download caps (except your or my connection)
 - No ads anywhere, no captchas
 - Partially built out API for integrations
 - Extreme ease of use.

What you do is upload a file and get a short code or URL back from the site (123, 234, etc). You can remember just this code and download the file later on a different computer, or transfer pictures from your phone to your computer to friends, without being compressed or resized.

What I'd like
Try the site out, use it a few times to share files whenever you need to (send the spouse a song, picture, video... Send text docs). Even have people you know use it if you want. Let me know what your experience was with the site. Easy? Confusing? Slow? Fast? etc.

I've spent hours documenting and preparing to eventually change the back end hardware of that site. Nobody will see a difference, but I could (within a week) take this site to scale over 15TB of storage, and with that technology I could go much further with ease. Likewise, it saves a ton of power -- the design will turn on and off servers depending on storage space needed. I'd like to know if the site provides value to people, and if so, then I can build it up from there.
Am I able to update an already uploaded file or must I remove
the original then upload? Or perhaps treat each new upload as
a new version of the same file.

Oh, can't delete a file?
The goal when I first built this was to make transferring files between my devices really easy.

I tried to think about why I don't use cloud services, other file sharing sites, etc...

Well, it is a pain in the ass to log into sites to send a file, I'd rather just have a short code that I can use later. As it says, it isn't very private this way, but there are other tools in that arena.

I've considered giving a code out when the file is uploaded which would allow you to come back, replace it, delete it, see stats and so on. I feel like more people would be confused by it than actually use it.
I think this is a great idea, but for me I really only use my PC and phone and generally e-mail things to myself to transfer them. I think this would be great for things that exceed the e-mail limit though, and would be good for placing things that I might need to access from elsewhere, and even better for files that I want to share with multiple people.
It was easy for me to share a file with several work mates.
I have so many ideas for the site, and could make it so expandable, but it doesn't grow...

Albeit, I have plenty of storage to spin up, despite my insane collection of actual servers...

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