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Streaming Porn To Paying Customer
Porn. Eight adult shops around the city have booths with
coin operated porn playing computers. I set it all up in 2016.

[Image: 68.jpg]
The booths contains a 24" or larger display, the largest is
72". A custom manufactured panel of led lit buttons has
play, stop, next, prev, up, down and so on. It's a keyboard
emulator. A standard coinslot takes $2 coins and triggers
the front panel to produce a '1' keystroke.

[Image: 67.jpg]
Booths are controlled by an Intel NUC6i5SYH with Ubuntu
16.04 that runs a few custom bash scripts and a little bit of
Python. Movie selection and video streaming is done using
HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript with a single PHP function on
a Chrome browser. All hand coded by me using notepad.

[Image: 69.jpg]
Video is streamed from a QNAP TS-228 which currently has
just over 3000 full length DVD 'movies'. Each booth's NUC
copies it's coin count to the QNAP, which then uploads the
data to a NAS box in the office every 2 hours.

[Image: 70.jpg]

The office QNAP NAS box is paired with a Gigabyte BRIX with
Windows 7. It runs a VBA script every 2 hours to generate
an excel workbook with data from all booths in each shop.
Looking at the flow of coin data it is possible to derive the
relative health of each booth and the VBA does a reasonable
job of looking for anomalies such as the same coin count for
some time which implies no one can use the booth. If anything
goes wrong, the VBA emails the error message to a manager.

It is also useful to be able to remote into each QNAP via the
cloud. I've set up a little controller system where a text file
can be stored on the QNAP for an individual booth NUC to
obey. It is easy to restart the NUC or clear the coins, and
even kill it - there's a sort of halt and catch fire command
if there's a need to lock it temporarily.

[Image: 71.png]

During testing I was never able to directly remote into a NUC
via the QNAP. Going from Windows 7 to Ububtu16 through
a simple storage device or directly did not work for the way
I had set up mounted SMB shares using cifs-utils. I am sure
there's better ways to do it but research time was not there
for me.

It was a rapid R&D session of 3 months, between 3
guys, custom electronics and software on, what was then,
reasonably new tech. Windows 7 was tried at first the but
the control panel had too many issues with Windows 7. And
backing up or deploying was a major pain! In the end, Linux
solved all issues. Using clonezilla I set up a one click install or
restore system that takes 2 minutes to deploy from USB
stick onto a clean SSD. Linux is awesome like tha.
Yeah, I used to be a lot heavier of a Windows user, however the only computers around here that run Windows these days are mine and my wife's work computers. Everything else is either Xubuntu or Ubuntu Server.

I have to ask -- does this really generate any revenue? I never understood the guys willing to drop $9.50 on a PlayBoy, or $19.95/month on a live webcam site.

There's so much available on the open internet for absolutely free, what could you possibly be paying for at that point?
They are adult shops with DVDs, magazines and toys, oh
the toys! the people I see there are odd people, basement
dwelling neck beard looking type of people or old guys killing
time while their wife is shopping.

Some stores get more viewers than others. I don't usually
get involved with revenue but the last updated spreadsheet
copy I have shows $3000 for a 4 day period from 8 locations.
My guess is that the income for each shop pays for itself
most of the time with only a little profit occasionally.
However, the attraction of having these booths is advertising
unto itself. So I guess it's beneficial.
Holy shit...

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