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Change of Contracts
Started early today and finished late. My last day. 4 weeks
off then I start at the old hospital until it finally closes and
moves into the new hospital. Had to recover from almost
disaster. Ticket said to install dexcom to a list of locations.

That's it!

Turns out there was a previous installation in march. It was
badly removed and left a pile of files behind. I though they
were good to go installs so I only installed 16 additional

The rest were installed when I was told they were leftovers.
Then I found out I had been given the wrong information
about which version to install. I removed all the old installs
and started to install the new.

Then I learned that there was an SCCM collection I should
have been using. So I needed to uninstall the new version
and add the 75 locations to the SCCM collection.

The guy who wanted it done is angry with us cos of this
mess around when it was his lack of information which caused
the issue. And we get a blemish even though the previous
20 or more applications we installed were perfect.

Glad to have finished, sad to be leaving. Mixed emotions.
What are dexcoms and SCCMs sir
Dexcom is a patient blood flow monitoring program for a
machine that gets needled into your arm.

Oh, you may know SCCM better by its full name, System
Center Configuration Manager. For deploying software and
OS images.
Like Chef?

I don't use any of that, I like getting paid my salary to sit at the install prompts lol.
I don't know Chef.

You'd like SCCM when faced with 2300+ computers and
multiple combinations of various software for each. No way
all the programs could have been manually installed by a
small team of 3 people.

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