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Phone bombardment prank
This is not a fresh egg, it's actually an old AF egg but it's my original creation that I just found in my backup folder, so here it is coming back to life.

I tried this prank one time many years ago and it worked great.  First you need a victim; the idea here is to prank your victim into receiving lots of phone calls from pissed off and confused strangers.

What you do is print this note or one like it onto a sheet of loose leaf paper[/img]][Image: 78.jpg] 
The image is formatted so that it lines up with spacing on standard loose leaf, which makes the writing look more authentic when printed.
You will need to add the victim's name and phone number to the note in the blank spaces.  Change the date as well.

Next, you just print as many copies as you want and distribute them onto random cars in parking lots.  I placed about 100 notes when I tried this and learned that about 50% of the people actually called the number.  Some of them were confused, as they couldn't find any damage.  Other people supposedly did find damage and were very pissed off about it.  The victim spent all day on the phone having to explain the situation to these people.

Tips: Choose a bad part of town and post the notes on shitty cars so that people may try to take advantage of the victim for existing damage.  That will make things much more interesting.  

If you don't want to totally fuck over your victim, you can write a disclaimer on the back of each note that they won't find right away.  Something like "this is a prank, sorry. nobody actually hit your car" would help to keep people from actually pursuing legal action against the victim once it is revealed to them. I did this on April Fools Day so it was easier to get away with.
Jesus christ this is hilarious
You could accidentally hit someone's car, leave them the
note with the disclaimer on the back and then claim someone
took advantage of the prank if later confronted.

Or you could move to Canada.

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