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Artificial Intelligence
AI is a fundamental existential risk for human civilization. - Elon Musk

Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking have also issued warnings regarding AI.

I, for one, welcome our new overlo... not really.

Mark Zuckerberg disagrees; suggesting there is no need to fear AI.

Personally, I believe that the active research into self aware, sentient
software should stop, but advances in smart computers is reasonably
ok, insofar as society can benefit from it and not be enslaved by, to or
with it. ie: total govt. or company control over our lives.
As a fan of the Terminator series when I was a kid, I've been trained to be suspicious of it. I don't believe that's how it will manifest though.

Facebook, Google, and Apple for example -- they collect an immense amount of data. The AI with those companies is evident when GIFs are suggested in news feeds, Siri, and Ok Google.

Bill Gates hasn't done anything for computing in a decade or more, he's off fighting malaria, but he still has a voice. That voice didn't stop Cortana.

They're right though, we can't fathom the amount of data and processing power available and it can be used in a bad way, however there's no way to stop it. Make laws against it, all that will do is hamper the public sector from profiting on it. Governments will continue to explore and use the technology, and the public sector does a great job of generating information sources (searches, profiles, etc).

TL;DR: It's too late.
I'm not sure about it being too late. I think people working
on such things are over stating their position. Also, there
may be a self throttling system governing development in
that those whose jobs depends on their attempts to create
AI will have little to do when they succeed, therefore creating
a balance between income and progress.

However, Quantum computers are a reality now, but very
simple as yet, and are still expensive!

Quote:Google claims the D-Wave 2X is 100 million times faster than any of today’s machines. As a result, this quantum computer could theoretically complete calculations within seconds to a problem that might take a digital computer 10,000 years to calculate, and refers to its work being carried out at NASA’s Ames Research Center as "quantum artificial intelligence." - Dec 2015

Even before self aware quantum AI is created, but at a time
when it is close, RSA will be useless and, possibly, predictive
algorithms will know what we are going to do before we know
ourselves. Who needs Precogs and minority reports?

If the smartest quantum computer can't contain self aware AI,
it may just be smart enough to design a computer inside which
AI could become self aware, not just calculate the number 42.

ps: A new largest  prime number, known as M77232917, was
discovered on 26 Dec 2017.
I posted an image on imgur today about Intel NUC's and
now every third internal and unblockable advert severed
is about Intel NUC's!

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